Melissa Soliano
3 mins read   |   11 May 2020

Implementing the Big and Bold Typography Trend to Our New Website

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right typeface could possibly carry more value when crafting a website design. When crafting a website design, it is essential to ensure a website has a good user experience and each website feature carries a huge impact on the usability of your site.  One of these aspects is typography, and it is often overlooked but indeed an integral part of website design. For most websites, typography accounts for 90% of website design as a large amount of content on the home page and inner pages consist of text in the form of titles, sub-titles and body copy. The main reason that people visit a website is to read text, be it finding information about the company or reading your content. The words on your website matter, so, the way in which you present these words should hold equal importance.


Each website must channel the intent and emotion of the brand or business to its visitors and in a digital world, the easiest way to do that is through the typeface. It is essential to pick a typeface that is appropriate for your industry, but also one that compliments your branding and image.


Just like trends that change throughout the years, typography has its phase of trends too. According to Digital Synopsis, one of the typography trends for the year 2020 are thick and bold fonts. Why thick and bold fonts? Reason behind bolder fonts is that it is easier to notice and it grabs the viewers attention in an instant. Using bolder fonts also emphasize on the message that the site wants to convey. Purpose Built Malaysia being the leading creative agency implemented thick and bold fonts in our newly revamped website as part of emphasising the key messages and providing our website visitors clear direction of navigating our website apart from following the typography trend in year 2020.


Our newly designed website features the font type called “Proxima Black” in the header. Paired with a minimalistic layout in a black background, it is the perfect contrast that viewers won't be able to resist reading the bold letters. Our bold font, each in different colors, emphasizes one singular word that represents each of our main pages such as Create, Think and Learn.


Typography maintains consistency throughout a website, giving it a more professional aesthetic. Similarly, it can help to make your content attractive and impacts the readability of your site which all counts towards a positive user experience. As for our new website, we take pride in our latest work of art; its new look, bolder fonts, with a simplistic yet user-friendly design. Visit our website now at www.purpose-built.com.my. 


Q: What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?
A: What a feeling it was, to see one of the works I was a part of be displayed on digital billboards around the city.
Q: What’s your productivity trick? What energises you at work?
A: A cup of 3 in 1 Tenom Tea.
Q: What are you passionate about off work?
A: CrossFit and Music
Q: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
A: That i use to dance and was a leader of a dance crew during high school days.
Q: What’s one thing you’re learning now, and why is it important?
A: I am learning that building client relationship is essential as it is the foundation of any current or future projects. As we strive upon earning the client's trust, in return they reciprocate thus, ensuring an even higher quality work and the ability to complete projects efficiently from both parties.
Q: What’s the best advice you were ever given?
A: To not take things to heart; to take in the good and make them lessons, leave the bad.