Erra Fazira
6 mins read   |   12 Jul 2021

Video Content Ideas To Drive Engagement

As brands, driving engagement with your content requires you to entice your audience with brand stories that inspires and ultimately convert. It is no secret that videos can capture the attention of your audience than any other medium.  A video communicates a lot more information in a short period of time. HubSpot reports that nearly nine out of ten people report wanting to see more videos from brands in 2021, making video an excellent tool for lead generation and brand awareness.  

68% of consumers say the pandemic has impacted the amount of video content they've watched online, with the overwhelming majority (96%) saying this has increased. 

What are the types of video ideas that you can apply to promote your brand?

1. Explainer  

An explainer video is an animated video that illustrates the core features of your products and services in simple terms. It uses animated characters, text, graphics and a narrative to tell your product story. These can include anything from sharing helpful tips, walking the viewer through an activity, or teaching them how to solve a difficult problem. 

91% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn about a product or service. 

Another benefit of explainer videos is that they don’t outwardly promote your product or service. Instead, they provide useful important to help your audience, while introducing them to your brand at the same time. Explainer videos have also proven to increase conversions as much as 20%, we listed out more reasons why your business will thrive with the help of explainer videos. Read more: How Explainer Videos Can Help your Business 

Advance Engineering Insulated Door 

Above is an example of our client work, we have also previously shared across our process on creating an animation video and how we work alongside our client throughout the process for every milestone along the way. Read more: The Animation Process: How We Create An Explainer Video 

2. Product Demonstration

The purpose a product demonstration video is to share about your product or service to your audience and the main component highlights its features and benefits. This type of video works well on complex product or solutions as demonstration will teach about the product or service effectively. 

72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. 

Product demonstration includes the elements of introduction to the product at a brief, following by a solution that focuses exclusively on features and ultimately the demonstration of the product in action. The key is also to keep it relatively concise and brief.

Zensorium ACT Info & Demo Video

Above is an example of our client work, demonstrating a MedTech device called ACT by Zensorium that allows a more accesible early detection for kidney disease.  

3. Events (Live Streaming)  

We live in a time when a brand’s ability to reach its customers digitally has never been more important. Live-streaming technology allows your audience to watch and share video in real time. The growth of live streaming has bloomed during the pandemic with popular streaming apps such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live Stories leading the way and being watched by hundreds or thousands of people. Alternatively, there has also been a rise of private live-stream through video conferencing tool such as Google, Skype or Zoom has also allowed a more intimate invite-only event.

Studies show that live streams generate up to 10x more engagement than regular videos. 

Another benefit for this form of video marketing is that live stream allows real-time community interaction. Viewers can join the conversation as the video starts and may even get acknowledged by the broadcaster. This environment satisfies the deep need humans have for engaging in human interactions especially during lockdown, thus making viewers feel as if they are at a live event. 

WWDC 2021 — June 7 | Apple 

Above is an example of a popular annual event, Apple's 32nd Worldwide Developers Conference was a digital-only event and the online event gave developers around the world access to future versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, as well as the opportunity to engage with Apple engineers through sessions and labs. 

4. Webinar  

Like live-stream, a webinar is an online presentation that includes a presentation following a Q&A session that often occurs live and an invite-only audience. Webinar videos averages between 30-60 minutes. It is a great way to connect with your audience while sharing across useful information and subsequently increasing brand recognition. The best part about webinar event is that the recording asset can then be a great tool for lead generation and traffic to your website as those who were unable to attend the webinar can view it even after the live day was published.

Around 40-45% of registrants turn into attendees.

LEARNTech Asia Virtual Conference 2020 

Above is an example of from our client, LEARNTech Asia as they held their first virtual conference with over 25 world education experts looking into the education and training landscape in Asia. More than 2,500 participants have registered to consist of academics, educators (teachers, trainers, private tutors), researchers, instructional designers, learning business owners, and government officials from Asia-Pacific, US, UK, Middle Eastern and other countries around the world. Read more: Integrated Digital Campaign Boosting A Global Virtual Conference

5. Testimonials

Testimonial videos can work wonders to trigger the buying decision among your potential customers. Testimonials shows your past clients' successful experiences and encourage the new leads to make a purchase. Get your past clients or consumers to validate the merit of your product or services by making testimonials video that derailed about how your product or solution has helped with their problems and highlight on the features that allowed it to do so.  

88% of consumers say reviews influence their online purchasing decisions.

Herschel Supply Co & Hootsuite

Above is a great example on how Hootsuite provided a solution to the Herschel team to market their products on social media by interviewing different team members. The client also highlighted on the growth of their social media platform and how the Hootsuite app played a role to it.

6. Corporate Video

Corporate videos have increased its importance these couple of years as the audience are demanding more. The aim purpose is to showcase your company and its vision to your audience. There are truly many content formats that you can create as an asset from sharing across the strength of the company, to achievements and even on any global issue. Corporate videos are a great way to build trust among your audience on your values. Whether it’s through humour or heartfelt messages, these types of video are an extremely engaging way of communicating to your audience.  

54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

Honor Heroes | Adobe

Being an avid Adobe user ourselves, we absolutely loved this from the company. Adobe posted this video to honour the front-line heroes of the pandemic and truly created a heartfelt video that humanizes the brand in an artistic manner while incorporating a positive message.

7. Company Culture

Essentially, company culture video is another type of a corporate video that focuses more on recruitment as compared to end-user or audience. However, the value in this format goes beyond Explaining your company’s culture in purely words format can be difficult and sometimes can’t truly be put in words. Company culture videos not only highlight the ethos of your company but also to market your brand perception. It is human nature to desire a sense of belonging and with a company culture video, you can highlight about the work environment that truly capture the purpose of your brand.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Google interns' first week

Above is an example that we could not pass on to share, it’s undoubtable that Google’s success can be attributed to this culture and they did a great job visualising what they are doing to ensure that their employees are happy while maintaining productivity within the company.

Each video type is best used to compliment the stage of the brand customer journey. Segmenting your audience first and foremost allows you to create with the right messaging and timing.  The following table is an overview guideline of type of video for your brand and its suggested platform upon the video delivery to your audience. Ultimately, the flexibility of video format allows it to convert to other medium such as single-image or GIFs making it a notable investment visual for any brands to start producing.

Video Type



 Website (Blog)  

 Social Media 



 Social Media  


 Explainer/Product Demo


 Landing Pages (Conversion/Promotional) 



 Landing Pages (Conversion/Promotional)  



 Landing Pages (Conversion/Promotional) 

 Work Culture 


 Social Media  

 Appreciation (Giving Back/Loyalty) 

 Social Media  



At Purpose/Built, we apply the charm and appeal of a first-rate animation to any style you can dream up. Whether it’s the idea we ponder, the animations we craft, the mechanics we master. We live and breathe to create. Watch our video portfolio here. Drop us an email at engage@purpose-built.com.my and let’s talk more about your brand.

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