Trirec Co



TRIREC is an investment holding company concentrated on renewable energy and clean technology projects focused primarily in Asia Pacific and North America. TRIREC specializes in investment strategy that aids in generating returns for our investors and portfolio companies alike. TRIREC also has a social focus of solving the world’s environmental challenges and improving lives through productive investments in sustainability that also deliver value to investors.


It is essential for companies and brands to showcase the values they stand for through their brand image. As means to strengthen their company image, TRIREC needed a brand new identity that would best feature the company’s upholded values as well as their focus towards sustainability.


Purpose Built has given TRIREC’s website a new look to be inline with their brand new identity. A sleek, professional and clean design layout was incorporated to the new website giving TRIREC a bold and user-friendly appearance. The website’s minimal elements creates ease of navigation to their website visitors.


We have also re-designed TRIREC’s logo to further enhance their brand identity. The trisected triangular mountain shape on the logo created references strength and integrity, with the curved lines of the geometric form and lower-case company name evoking vitality, movement and humility. We have also designed key visuals for TRIREC that is inline with their focus, which is renewable energy. To support their rebranding exercise, we have also created name cards and PowerPoint presentation slides for TRIREC.