Melissa Soliano
3 mins read   |   27 Jul 2021

Effective Tips on using Videos for your Marketing Efforts

There are many components that make a digital strategy or a marketing strategy in general successful, and one of them is without a doubt – using VIDEOS. Experts have labeled video as one of the most important tools in the marketing world and is now an integral part of many companies’ digital marketing strategy. This statement is backed by research that states nearly 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched around the world each day. Now with the existence of videos on social channels such as Instagram IGTV LinkedIn and Facebook videos as well as their shareable features, the numbers of those watching videos have definitely reached a record high.  

However, there are still doubts and questions around using videos for instance will it garner favorable results, provide value to businesses, and will there be Return-On-Investment? The answer is YES to all these questions. Due to videos being one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools available, most businesses now using them and even more so during this COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some statistics gathered from Wyzowl: 

86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool

93% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy

60% of marketers expect the pandemic to affect their video marketing budget for 2021; out of these, 7 out of 10 say their budget will increase ​​​​​​

91% of marketers feel video is more important for brands in light of the coronavirus pandemic

There are many types of videos that can be developed which heavily depends on which stage you are in the marketing funnel, some common ones are explainer videos, tutorials, animation videos, presentation testimonial videos, demo videos and behind-the-scenes videos. Renderforest has shared that 82% of B2B Businesses use explainer videos as it has proven to help their audience to better understand their products and/or services. At this point, it is hard to deny that videos are an essential part of marketing but what makes a great video? And what keeps viewers engaged? Here are some great tips on using videos for your marketing strategies: 

1. Create videos that are story-driven, not sales-driven 

The best video content tells stories that connect with the viewer where they can relate to you as a brand as well as your values. By mastering the art of storytelling for your brand, it is more likely your viewers are going to understand what your company is offering and what it can do for them. Using videos is the perfect opportunity to utilize the power of storytelling and kindle strong emotions. For instance, you could share a real-life story of a certain consumer’s pain points and how your product has offered them the solution.

Did you know: Research shows that 80% of consumers want brands to tell stories. 

2. Make the first 10 seconds count

Did you know that the average internet user has a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish? Studies reveal that marketers have just 10 seconds to grab the audience’s attention and call them to action. After these 10 seconds, the engagement drops off significantly. The video will no longer be of value as the audience will continue to scroll down or click away. With that being said, a boring video will not work, plain and simple. It is essential to make your video crystal-clear right from the start as to what they’ll gain from watching your content.

Convince and Convert has shared a great tip on how to answer your audience’s obligatory subconscious question “What’s in it for me?” (Or WIIFM), you can: 

  • Display the end result, proving your video’s value 
  • Ask an enticing, difficult question 
  • Introduce a problem and promise a solution 
  • State a startling fact 
  • Use the words “what if” or “imagine”

In short, for your video to be successful, you will need to create a hook at the very beginning in order to retain their attention throughout the whole video.

3. Don’t miss out on Call-To-Actions

Chances are, those who have watched your video from start to finish are intrigued by what you have to offer. Including call-to-action or CTA at the end of your videos is crucial to spark conversions as it guides your audience to perform some desired action and lets them know what to do next. Some common Call-To-Actions are but not limited to: 

  • Visit your website 
  • Sign up to a newsletter 
  • Browse your products 
  • Subscribe to your social channel 
  • Start a free trial 
  • Like and share content to friends 

To conclude, if you are still not jumping on the video bandwagon, then you are really missing out on significant value that videos could potentially bring to you and your business. Videos will continue to dominate the digital space in the years ahead - with the ever-increasing video platforms and channels, the opportunities to create meaningful and sharable videos for your business is endless. Did this article spark your interest on using videos for your business but unsure where to start? Allow us to give you a helping hand! Leave us a message at engage@purpose-built.com.my and we’ll get in touch with you. 

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A: What a feeling it was, to see one of the works I was a part of be displayed on digital billboards around the city.
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A: A cup of 3 in 1 Tenom Tea.
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